We’re almost there -Nuclear fusion

alien invasion

Has the ability to fly between the stars and they want our resources? Like what? What could we possibly have that would be of interest to someone who had that much power? Do you want water, grab a comet; Do you want iron grab an asteroid. It has got to be easier than coming all the way to our planet.

People still think in terms of resources. There is only one resource that matters, unless you count human intelligence. If you have energy you can do anything – and we are almost there. This time we really are within twenty years of feasible fusion. What will change when there is an almost limitless supply of energy? Just everything. Heating and air conditioning will be cheaper but also cleaner. No burning stuff and fouling the atmosphere to heat. Air conditioning can stop using ozone depleting chemicals because the efficiency of the air conditioner will not be so important. Food can be grown in warehouses under artificial light. Why import lettuce from California. Meat can also be grown in big vats. Skip the animal phase entirely and go directly from energy to protein.

What about metals? We’ll suck them out of the ocean also.

Everything we need is just energy and technology away.


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