How Liberals are like Christians – There’s the dam road

I’m told that this actually happened to my Grandfather. He and some church going friends went on a fishing trip. Being church goers they made a pact that the first one to swear had to pay some penalty such as paying for lunch. They got lost on the way and couldn’t find the road that led to the dam where they were going to fish. It was my Grandfather (according to the story) who saw it first and he said ‘There’s the dam road’. They made him pay for lunch for swearing. I think of this story when I hear liberals punishing people for using words that liberals don’t like and they say that intent doesn’t matter.

N.B. if you don’t understand this anecdote, dam is different from damn and while damn is a mild swear word for most it is not for people who actually believe in eternal damnation.

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