The Pleasure of Power

Cast your mind back to the time of the Caesars. The Emperors of the Roman Empire had the highest standard of living available to anyone who lived 2000 years ago and yet in many ways they were poorer than 90 percent of the people in the world alive today. Their food and drink choices were much more limited than almost everyone has today. They had almost nothing in the way of  modern medical or dental care. It is safe to say that no Roman no matter how rich ever traveled 60 miles per hour.

And Yet!

And yet no one would argue that they had a low standard of living. Although the rich Romans had no access to ‘comforts’ such as the foam padded chair that I am sitting in or the coffee that I drank this morning they had access to life’s greatest pleasure. They had power. They had the power to tell a person to go and make them whatever drink was available and they had the power to threaten that person with crucifixion if they didn’t do it well . I have the power to go get my drink myself and if my Keurig does a bad job I can yell at it and tell it I’m going to throw it in the junk. Not as much fun. The pleasure of power.

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