Almost no Children in France Are Medicated For ADHD: This is How They Define and Treat it – Annotated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that as of 2011, about 11% of the children in the United States between the ages of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Yet, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) claims that although only 5% of American children suffer from the disorder, the diagnosis is actually given in 15% of the cases.It is a fact that this number is continuously increasing, being 7.8% in 2003, and has jumped to 9.5% in only four years.

ADHD is a spectrum disorder. They all are. Imagine there was something called Height Deficit Disorder. How would you decide who has HDD. If your child were not HDD but close would you not try to get the same helps and accommodations that are available to the HDD child?

According to Big Pharma, parents and doctors should know that this is a common disorder in America and it should be medically treated.

It suits a certain mentality to blame big corporations for the foibles of human nature. Big Pharma is not to blame for people using ADHD medication use any more than big marijuana is responsible for marijuana use. The drugs work and people seek them out.

This opinion is not shared by numerous other countries, as they define, treat, and diagnose AdDHD much differently. For instance, the French doctors diagnose this disorder in less than 0.5%.

It is no coincidence that France was chosen for this comparison. France is known not for accomplishments of business or industry but art and leisure.

They maintain that it is not a biological disorder but a result of psycho-social and situational factors.

It’s biological. In their defense there are always a few cases where they are right. If a person has HDD and it is because he slouches and then you teach him to stand up straight then you have solved the problem without medication.

Namely, the child psychiatrists in France use a different system than American ones in the classification of the emotional p…………. imbalance in the brain. The definition of ADHD in France is significantly different than the American one, mostly due to the fact that because the pharmaceutical industry helped define ADHD in the U.S.

Blaming the Pharmaceutical industry again.

The methods of treatment are also dramatically different. Treatment Methods for ADHD Used in France As soon as a child is diagnosed with this disorder in France, doctors try to find out the underlying causes. P…..r even family counselling. Medications are almost never prescribed, as they are believed to be unnecessary.

Whether medication is necessary or not depends on your goals in life. If your aspiration in life is to be a manual laborer then medication is probably not necessary. However if you what to be productive, have stable relationships, balance your own checkbook stuff like that then the odds are good that medication will help a lot.

French psychiatrists also consider a patient’s diet when investigating the possible causes, as poor eating habits like consuming foods with artificial colors or flavorings, preservatives, sugars, and/or allergens might have a negative effect on the behavior of the child.

There is a myth that we really need to expunge from society. The myth is that there was some time in the past when everyone  ate perfect and lived long healthy lives. Not true. There is nothing inherently better about natural or inherently worse about artificial. Believing that something is bad for you because it is artificial in not scientific.

According to a study conducted in 2011, the amount of youth in France with ADHD may be as low as 3.5%.

Using ‘may be as low/high as’ is a way of making a claim that you are pretty sure is not true but you don’t want to be accused of lying later. Notice how often advocacy writers us that phrase(s).

According to the family therapist and author of A Disease Called Childhood: Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic, Dr. Marilyn Wedge, this might be due to the cultural differences between the U.S. and France in when it comes to raising children. She maintains that French parents will often impose more structured l……nch parents to slap or spank children, or for the French courts to view such actions as acceptable under a customary ‘right to discipline.’

If you want a model of how to use discipline to ameliorate the effects of ADHD don’t look at the French, look at the Germans. Adrenaline is nature’s ADHD drug. Use fear and harsh punishment and many ADHD children will accomplish almost as much as the non-ADHD kids who have enough of their own neurotransmitters. The sad thing is the fate of the kids who are so ADHD that they cannot behave in class or complete their studies no matter how harsh the punishment. For them the harsh discipline is just cruelty. I favor drugs myself.

“ Yet, the effects of the treatment methods of ADHD in France are probably due to the holistic approach in considering diet and behavioral and social context. In the United States, the large pharmaceutical companies play a main role in defining ADHD and its treatment methods, as, for instance, the researchers and doctors have been paid to overstate the risks of ADHD and the benefits of the use of medications.

I am ADHD. I’m writing this out of the goodness of my heart. I get no check from big pharma.

People believe in their opinions as the information they receive is affiliated with well-known universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. …..t profit from the drugs’ sale. Yet, it is a fact that these medicaments can cause various adverse effects and can be classified in the same group as morphine and oxycodone due to their high risk of abuse and addiction.

All medications cause adverse effects. By the time people become adults they learn that life is full of trade offs. If you want eat lunch you need to make a trade. You cantrade money for lunch. Or you can trade carrying food with you all morning for lunch. Or maybe you can trade prostituting yourself on the street for lunch – But there is no free lunch. Not since your mother made it for you.  The fact that a medication can be classified in the same group as morphine because it can be abused means nothing. It is just scary language.


According to Dr. Irwin Savodnik, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at th……FTMEA, and holistic approach to treating ADHD. This disorder should not be immediately treated with medications, as it is unethical, and damaging to a child’s self-esteem.

This paragraph reveals the writer as being part of the cult of self-esteem. Worshipers of self-esteem believe that more is better. Anything that brings down self-esteem is to be treated like the devil. Self-esteem is like a vitamin. If you don’t have enough that’s bad but too much is bad too. Speaking as a former ADHD kid and as an ADHD adult, self-esteem was never my problem. My problem was not being able to get my homework done. It is unethical to deny someone a drug that will make their life better because of your religion’s doctrines on self-esteem and things artificial.

Sometimes, the child might only be uninterested in the subject matter, emotionally traumatized, or with a heightened creativity and energy. Yet, there are also numerous American doctors who believe that ADHD should be treated in an alternative way, and they do not consider it to be a disorder. ….. ….etical orientations, tend to follow the DSM as instructed.”

To be fair, ADHD is not a disorder anymore than HDD is a disorder. HDD is great if you live in a place where food is in short supply, Less body mass to feed, Fewer cells to go cancerous etc. ADHD works well in a hunter-gatherer world. Think of squirrels. In modern society fewer and fewer jobs can be done by the ADHD person but that is not the whole story. Modern living requires things like being on time and looking presentable. These are difficult for the ADHD person.

Furthermore, the neurologist Richard Saul investigates patients who struggle with short attention spans and difficulty focusing his entire career, and he maintains that ADHD isn’t actually a disorder, but a set of symptoms that shouldn’t be considered a disease.

Call it whatever you want. There is a ‘something’ or ‘set of somethings’ that make it hard for a person to function in a modern society. Drugs can go a long way towards helping that person.

He also states that it shouldn’t be listed as a separate disorder in the A …… believed that the conventional medication should be a last resort in the treatment, and might lead to adverse effects.

Anything might lead to adverse effects including not treating with conventional medication. There are adult decisions to be made.

Instead, his method includes improved nutrition, zinc, iron, family counselling, increased sleep, and Omega-3 supplementation, positive social and behavioral changes,

Improved nutrition always helps, as does increased sleep. Omega-E probably helps, I take it. Minerals such as Zinc and Iron may help but don’t give them a pass because they are ‘natural’. Too much Zinc or Iron is bad for you also. The brain is very complex.

as well as alternative modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.

Don’t get me started!

There is a growing number of experts and doctors who believe that ADHD should be treated outside conventional treatments.

A growing number is a way of saying ‘not very many’.

The pharmaceutical industry is the main culprit for the misdiagnosis and over-diagnosis of ADHD in the U.S.

It is important to blame someone else. It’s not you, it’s them. Speaking from my own experience nothing good comes from blaming. Blaming is like a drug that makes you feel great even as you lay on a smelly mattress with a needle in your arm. The long term consequences are not good. I’ve found that my life is better when I take responsibility for my own actions and even for some part of events and situations that are not my fault. My self-esteem goes down but my actual conditions improve. As my conditions improve my self-esteem begins to climb and it’s based on reality not a delusion.

 Instead, they believe that there is a need for other alternatives to medications. The post appeared first on Healthy Food House.

This post appeared first on Health Food House. It figures. It just isn’t that easy. There is no magic food.

It’s telling that they never mentioned visual entertainment as one of the culprits for the increase in ADHD diagnosis. I think they are catering to human nature. It is easy to get people to blame big someone. It is relatively easy to get them to shovel supplements into their kids or themselves. It is not easy getting them to give up screen time (what we used to call TV but now includes many other things) that is just too hard.

Original source: 5, 2017

I deleted some of the material. You can find it at the above link.

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