1000 in the United States and 25 in Canada is the rough estimate of the number of people killed by police each year, according to professor internet.

• ADHD afflicts most of those killed and at least some of those doing the killing.

• ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder but most people know that. In order to cut down on the acronyms ADHD also covers people who have attention deficits but are not hyperactive.

• ADHD people gravitate to jobs where they can trade their willingness to work unpleasant hours and do unpleasant things for not needing to do much in the way of paperwork. The job of criminal is suitable as long as it is not the white collar kind. Police officer also works as long as you are in a job or a department with a low paperwork burden.

• ADHD makes a person less able to control their impulses. They are more likely to give into their anger and fight with an armed cop or pull the trigger despite being a cop. It has been suggested that ADHD should instead be called Executive Function Disorder.

• ADHD usually has another mental health issue riding along. Professor internet says 40 to 60 percent of people with ADHD also have Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Needless to say, ODD and guns do not mix.

• ADHD makes its sufferers angry. ADHD leaves the intelligence intact. It only hinders the ability to focus that intelligence on tasks that are not immediately interesting, which is almost every task that someone willing to pay you to do. ADHD people often see their less intelligent colleagues promoted ahead of them.

• ADHD makes people a little clueless. The ADHD suffer often misses social cues because of not paying attention also the part of the brain that is smaller in ADHD people is also used for unconscious learning. Together this makes the ADHD person a little awkward and out of touch. This contributes to the feeling that people just don’t like them and that the world is against them.

• ADHD people often self medicate. Depression is co-morbid with ADHD though it may not be genetic. Having ADHD is depressing. When legal drugs are not strong enough the attentionally deficient may find themselves using, and then selling, the illegal kind.

• ADHD makes people poor witnesses. If an ADHD police officer says he saw you do such and such and you don’t believe that you did, the officer may not be lying. Don’t argue with her, she may be angry that after 20 years on the job she is still a traffic cop and she may lack the impulse control needed to not shoot you.

ADHD is treatable.


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